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Thanks to the robbers and the kindness of Compassion, we ended up in La Romana with one of Compassion’s church partners. This church is transforming their ghetto.

Steps away from the church and missionary house, they’ve established a hospital/clinic where the neighborhood poor can receive free medical and dental care. Know of any nurses, doctors, or dentists who want to serve for any length of time? They are also in the process of building a new school next door to serve the many, many children who cannot attend now due to overcrowded schools.

Not long after we arrived to the Missionary House, the School of Worship (SOW) team arrived from Allentown, PA. The church in La Romana was praying for us to make good connections with them…and does God answer prayer?! Before dinner the SOW team briefly heard our story. Immediately, the group put their arms around the six of us and prayed for us. The Holy Spirit was present and palatable and our tears flowed. Later that evening, they wanted to wrap us in praise and worship, so we all stayed up late, singing the most amazing praise to Jesus in English and Spanish, crying much of the time.1305220072

The next day, Manaen and I received a great gift. The local Dominican host for SOW’s mission trip invited us to join them in their outreach to area children.  And it did not come without cost to the SOW participants–I can still picture six of them squished in the front row of the mini-bus taxi because of us, the two extra passengers. Gloria a Jesus. 


You have no idea how that crammed bus image alone ministered to me. In former years when Thomas and I were on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, we lead college student teams to closed East Asia. I have vivid memories of mian bao che’s (mini-bus taxis), stuffed with 10 to 12 American students on our way to bring the gospel to those who have never heard the name of Jesus. We lived in East Asia for two years and the privilege of being His ambassadors can still bring tears to my eyes. While we sang and interacted with the local children, I felt such joy to be there with Manaen, a full participant in all of it…and all because of a rock thrown in our window. “What others meant for evil, God meant for good.”


And that’s just one of the gifts from “Our Night of Broken Glass.” More on the way!

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