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Our last day in the DR, my daughter Kyrie Micaela (10) woke up saying, “I don’t want to leave. I’ll miss everything, especially the singing!”  The final morning, she joined one of the Compassion classes, getting to know several little sponsored girls—all in Spanish. In her backpack, she deposited a slip of paper with the names of the children sitting with her at the table.

A month after we returned from the DR, we received our 2013 Compassion Sunday, which I had ordered. Each year, the event highlights the story of one Compassion sponsored child world-wide. Our Kyrie looked at the picture of the sponsored girl on the Compassion Sunday brochure, one of 1.4 million Compassion sponsored children in the world, and exclaimed, “Wait! That’s Karina–I know that girl.” And, sure enough, she does know her. Why? Nothing but the hand of Jesus can explain it. Karina lives in La Romana, a couple hours east of where we visited our sponsored children.  As you can read in earlier “Beyond Broken Glass” posts, we ended up in La Romana for our last two days in the DR because Compassion reached out to us following the home invasion.

Opening Kyrie’s backpack, you can find Karina’s name on the slip of paper that Kyrie has carefully guarded. It gives me spiritual goose bumps.1305230110-1

Jesus, a most personal God, who knows us each by name. He connects our world with His world. He  connects us with children around the world. Will you sponsor a Compassion child today? It’s a decision to give hope that brings no regrets.

Experience the Joy of Investing in a Child